Nursery information

Staff Members

We would like to introduce the Acorn Childcare Centre team below. 

Lorna Hodgett

Childcare Centre Manager

Donna Downs

Deputy Manager and SENCo

Hollie-Jayne Roper

Senior Lead and EYP

Sarah Kennedy

Senior Lead and EYP

Nina Armstrong

Office Manager

Ellie Roke

Little Acorns Room Lead

Dayna Cooper

Little Acorns EYP

Wendy Davies

Mini Seedlings EYP

Christine Smith

Mini Seedlings EYP

Charlotte Bingham

Great Oaks Room Lead

Mitchell Brewin

Out of School Club Lead

Ellen Haynes

Mighty Oaks EYP

Emily Parker

Mighty Oaks Apprentice

Jasmyn Rich

Mighty Oaks Room Lead

Maria Nowak-Swatowska

Great Oaks EYP

Sophie Beasley

Super Seedlings EYP

Marie Worrell

Super Seedlings Room Lead

Kirsty Boon

Super Seedlings EYP

Emily Large

Super Seedlings EYP

Chloe Roberts

Little Acorns Apprentice

Gemma Graham

OOSC Apprentice

Kyra Wass


Sally Woods

Mini Seedlings Room Lead

Elli Pond

Great Oaks EYP

Emi Hajdu

Super Seedlings Apprentice